LeVon Stone Sr. is the Program Director for Cure Violence/CeaseFire Illinois. He began volunteering with CeaseFire in 2004, as a key liaison between Violence Interrupters and the community. In 2006, he was hired to work as a Violence Interrupter in the Roseland community. He worked part-time in 2006 and full-time by 2007 as a Hospital Responder. When the program expanded in 2011 to include a long-term follow-up case manager, LeVon advanced to the role of Hospital Case Manager. In May of 2012, LeVon was promoted to become the Hospital Response Coordinator, managing oversight of all hospital partnerships across the Chicagoland area. Advancing within the organization again in January 2016, LeVon’s current role as Program Director for CeaseFire Illinois requires oversight of all program operations for the organization in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois, including management of community, hospital and school program activities.

In 2009, he enrolled in Northeastern Illinois University to pursue higher education. He received his bachelor’s degree in Inner City Studies with a Public Health concentration in May 2013 and completed his master’s degree in the same discipline in May 2015. He is frequently invited to speak at events, to the media, and academic conferences.