Ken is a senior at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities studying English. African American & African Studies, and Asian American Studies. He is of the 1.5 generation hailing from the capital of the Philippines – Manila. His interests lie in understanding the intersections of race, politics, and art as it pertains to identity, history, and activism. His interests in race relations stemmed primarily from primarily at the intersections of African American history and activism in the advancements and cultivation of Asian American activism. While in college he has built an undergraduate career around the importance of multiculturalism, diversity, and cross-racial collaboration, dialogue, and understanding.

His professional interests lie in event management, higher education, and education policy. Beyond that, Ken is a writer, a stepper, a public speaker, and a performer. The greatest lessons he’s learned in life: Trust yourself. Be unapologetic of choices that truly make you happy. Eliminate the negativity. And speak unimagined realities into existence. Only you know what’s best for you.