Gordon Patzer, Ph.D., is respected and recognized internationally for his expertise concerning physical attractiveness phenomenon. Hundreds of researchers and scholars have cited formally his published analyses and perspectives, while scores of reporters for popular mass media have published interview quotes.

His commitment to scientifically understand the psychology and sociology of physical attractiveness at levels far more than meets the eye and far beyond skin deep is a long-term quest. Scholarly publications include 7 books, chapters in 3 books titled Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, Clinics in Dermatology, and Esthetic Dentistry, as well as more than 25 articles published in peer-refereed journals or presented and published as proceedings for professional research conferences: Clinics in Dermatology, Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Hospital Marketing, Journal of Medical Group Management, etc.

The national American primetime television news program Dateline NBC, while featuring his expert analyses on-camera for an investigative segment broadcast reported that, “Dr. Patzer has spent more than 30 years studying physical attractiveness.” The Today Show on NBC, a national morning talk-and-news television program, featured him on-camera for a research news segment broadcast about employment and pay differences caused by physical attractiveness. Likewise, the national radio program hosted by Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor has featured his expertise concerning physical attractiveness. Interviews with Dr. Patzer discussing physical attractiveness phenomenon have been reported by the Associated Press and published by newspapers and magazines across the U.S. and around the world.

Additional Career Information

Gordon Patzer has succeeded in executive positions inside and outside of academia. These include 12 years as a university college dean, 10 years as a university department chair, and progress up professorial ranks to tenured professor, as well as earning a Ph.D., MBA, MS, and BA. Business employments have focused on marketing strategy for consumer behavior / audience behavior in primetime programming at CBS Television Network and in the movie industry at Saatchi & Saatchi. Earlier, as an entrepreneur, he started, owned, and operated two small businesses: a talent booking agency and an employment agency. Additional past work includes service as a founding member of the Board of Directors for Telemarketing Visions Institute, Inc., a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation to train blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled persons, for employment.

As well as travels to all 50 states of the United States, Dr. Patzer’s international travels and residences have spanned more than 35 countries.